Logistics Management – Transportation

Transporation is the key activity since it is a central for time and place, or deliver, value creation capabilities of the supply chain and it is physically connects the various functions and organizations across the end-to-end supply chain, has a major influence on business performance as a driver of cost as well as of customer service and satisfaction.


  1. What is Scope of logistics decisions.
  2. Transportation Fundamentals.
  3. Transportation Value Contribution.
  4. Transportation Economies of Scale.
  5. Basic Modes of Transportation.
  6. Transportation Service Characteristics.
  7. Intermodal Transportation.
  8. Transportation Carrier Categories.
  9. Transportation Rates.
  10. Transportation Documentations.
  11. International Commercial Terms or Incoterms.
  12. Transportation Management Decisions.
  13. Summary.

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