Logistics Management – Warehousing

As important as transportation is to facilitate the creation of time and place value, it is only half of the solution to fulfilling customers’ requirements to get products and services where and when they want them in a way that creates value for the supply chain. The second key element to ensure that the right products are in the right place at the right time at a profit is related to inventory and strategies, tactics, and operations used to manage the facilities in which to store it, package it, and have it available for customers.


  1. Warehousing/Distribution Center Fundamentals.
  2. Warehouse Processes.
  3. Core warehousing functions are portrayed.
  4. Important Inventory Metrics.
  5. Measuring Warehouse Performance and Safety.
  6. Top Warehouse Performance KPIs.
  7. Managing Warehouse Safety and Security.
  8. Warehouse Management for the Modern Day.
  9. Ownership.
  10. Facility Layout and Design.
  11. The Basics of Cross Docking.
  12. Summary.
  13. Warehousing/Distribution Center Management Decisions.
  14. Summary.

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