Manufacturing And Services Operation

The creation of form value is a foundational responsibility for the supply chain. This form value is usually created through manufacturing and assembly operations for a company that sells tangible goods. For firms that primarily provide a service, the creation of form value involves the provision of services; operation is sometimes referred to as the center of the supply chain as it usually has upstream procurement operations or subassembly manufacturing as well as downstream logistics operations that buffer it from direct contact with the end customer.


  1. Introduction to Manufacturing and Service Operations.
  2. High Volume Discrete Manufacturing (AB InBev).
  3. Discrete Manufacturing Using an Assembly Line.
  4. Manual Discrete Assembly Operations.
  5. Airplane Assembly (Boeing).
  6. Ship Building (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries).
  7. Process Manufacturing (Oil refinery).
  8. The MAKE versus BUY Decision.
  9. Facility Layout Strategy.
  10. Operations Leadership.
  11. Foundations for Successful Operations.
  12. Operations as a Path to Supply Chain Competitive Advantage.
  13. Summary.

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